Perimenopause and Menopause

Who I am? What's going on with my body?
The hormonal changes that a women can face in the pre, peri and menopause can be extremely strong and especially at the beginning very unpredictable.
Some experts define menopause as a second adolescence.
Period irregularity, heavy period, concentrations problem, sleep problem and mood problem are just few of the initial symptoms.
And what about hot-flashes , vaginal dryness , changes in the Libido?
Women that go through this phase of life need a competent and compassionate approach to help them not only to feel better , but mostly to prevent a series of gender based diseases that can happen during and after the menopause such as Osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, Breast Cancer, Dementia.
In order to help our Patientis our services include:

  • Basic Preventive check Up
  • Hormonal check up
    . Life Style changes coaching ( Diet, Physical Exercise, Supplements)
  • Hormon Replacement therapy with biodentical Hormones
  • Teamwork with experts in Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Psychologist

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