Breast Issues and Breast diagnostic

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common carcinoma in women in Switzerland. Any unclear changes in the breast can lead to fear and anxiety. Therefore, rapid, uncomplicated diagnostics, and if necessary, therapy, are particularly important. Screening through mammography is a topic of controversy, as it often fails to depict smaller findings, or it detects changes, usually microcalcifications, that turn out to be benign.

In contrast, breast ultrasound has gained significant importance. The most effective approach, however, is the combination of both methods.

Breast diagnostics tread a fine line between too much and too little because early diagnosis of carcinoma is crucial for prognosis.

Our Approach and Services:

Swift appointments within 24-48 hours for palpable findings.
Rapid, straightforward evaluation using ultrasound, mammography, fine-needle aspiration, core biopsy, and if necessary, stereotactic biopsy.
Prompt surgery if needed, following a confirmed diagnosis (usually within 48 hours of consultation).
Second opinion assessments.
Screening for familial risk through ultrasound and mammography, along with genetic counseling.
The diagnosis and therapy of breast diseases are highly complex, often requiring various diagnostic measures. Therapy is becoming increasingly individualized, assessed within a tumor board by various specialists (gynecologists, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation therapists, plastic surgeons).

The advantage lies in the availability of physicians from different medical disciplines. For this reason, Centralgyn collaborates with the BrustCentrum Zürich (Betanien-Zollikerberg), a unique network of over 30 physicians. We utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Dr. Obwegeser is a member of the BrustCentrum Zürich and has extensive experience in caring for and operating on breast cancer patients.

Mammograms are primarily conducted at MRI Bethanien (multiple locations: Privat Klinik Bethanien, Bahnhofplatz, Stadelhofen) but also at other radiology institutes (Hirslanden Klinik, Klinik Im Park) or at your preferred location.

Should a diagnostic or therapeutic surgical intervention be necessary, we utilize the centralized infrastructure of the well-equipped Privatklinik Bethanien or BrustCentrum Zürich-Bethanien. From diagnosis (cytology/core biopsy) to therapy, all under one roof. This unique approach at CentralGyn is unparalleled in Switzerland. The network of physicians from gynecology, oncology, radiology, radiation therapy, plastic surgery, cytology, and pathology ensures a comprehensive and competent treatment.

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